The 'Crown Jewel' of Longview

Ask anyone who lives in Longview what the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the city is, and they’ll tell you, it’s Lake Sacajawea Park of course!

As you can probably guess from the name and from the photo to the right, this park is a lake. What makes this park unique is that the park trail winds around the lake, across the lake, and even to islands on the lake.

With two unique playgrounds (Pirates anyone?), two spectacular water fountains, many walking accessible islands and a 3.5 mile path that winds under landscaped bridges for jogging or biking, around a beautiful [...]

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Focus on Felida

This week we’re focusing on Felida as part of our community spotlight campaign. Many people who may even live in the Vancouver area are unsure of where exactly Felida is. Not to mention, in all honesty, that they might not have even known there was such a suburb.

Felida is located West of Salmon Creek and Southwest of Ridgefield Washington. Technically speaking, it has a Vancouver zip code (98685) and is much less urban than its closest communities. Which is why it is so often overlooked yet [...]

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Are Realtors Worth 3% For A Listing?

If you’re a home seller, especially as the market has tanked so much the last couple of years, you have to be asking yourself if you can go it alone without a Realtor. Hey, that’s okay, I’m sure most of the owners of the current homes listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) asked that very question. And yet, they still chose to list with a realtor and pay them for their services. The big question is, why?

Why should I pay 3%?

Well, first we have to acknowledge that [...]

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Happy to Sell Your Home, eh?

Or you sold ANY house last year…

While this may have been a common occurance last year, 2010 has a promising outlook, like a fresh morning, to be the bottom of the housing slump and maybe even the start of the recover.

Most analysts predict the real estate and housing market will slow, if [...]

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