Focus on Felida

Felida Washington Community Park near Homes for Sale

Felida Community Park

This week we’re focusing on Felida as part of our community spotlight campaign. Many people who may even live in the Vancouver area are unsure of where exactly Felida is. Not to mention, in all honesty, that they might not have even known there was such a suburb.

Felida is located West of Salmon Creek and Southwest of Ridgefield Washington. Technically speaking, it has a Vancouver zip code (98685) and is much less urban than its closest communities. Which is why it is so often overlooked yet it is a great place to live.

With the peace and quiet atmosphere, and beautiful scenery at the parks, along trails, and every where between, it’s a community worth looking at when up-sizing, downsizing, or relocating to the area. Aside from the wonderful Felida Community Park you see above, the Salmon Creek Trail takes you between the two communities and is a 10′ wide paved trail.

It is excellent for jogging, biking, roller-blading, dog-walking, and of course that liesure stroll as you pass creeks, ponds, and wonderful plants. The pleasant chirps of birds, ducks, and other fowl of the air help you get away when you need a break after work, or from the kids

Salmon Creek to Felida Trail

Roller Bladin' on the Salmon Creek Trail to Felida

Okay, so here’s some of that statistical stuff that you might want to know about this community:

Estimated median household income in 2008: $96,134 (it was $78,934 in 2000)

Felida:   $96,134
Washington:   $58,078
Vancouver:   $50,990

Estimated median house or condo value in 2008: $393,769 (it was $213,100 in 2000)

Felida:   $393,769
Washington:   $308,100
Vancouver:   $245,500

Mean prices in 2008: Detached houses: $426,028;

Felida House Sales

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