The 'Crown Jewel' of Longview

Lake Sacajawea near Longview WA Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Lake Sacajawea. Overhead view of the Japanese Gardens island. Photo by Bill Wagner @

Ask anyone who lives in Longview what the ‘Crown Jewel’ of the city is, and they’ll tell you, it’s Lake Sacajawea Park of course!

As you can probably guess from the name and from the photo to the right, this park is a lake. What makes this park unique is that the park trail winds around the lake, across the lake, and even to islands on the lake.

With two unique playgrounds (Pirates anyone?), two spectacular water fountains, many walking accessible islands and a 3.5 mile path that winds under landscaped bridges for jogging or biking, around a beautiful lake, it’s no wonder that this park gets a lot of traffic on a daily basis.

And it should, since the city parks and recreation division spends over half of its annual budget maintaining this park. In fact, the parks and recreation budget ranks right up there behind police and fire for the city. That tells you the citizens and city council feel it’s an important asset to the community and worth keeping in good shape. You’ll find the grass mowed, shrubs trimmed, and plants maintained all for your enjoyment every day of the year.

Lake Sacajawea Longview Washington near Real Estate & Homes For Sale

Walking bridge over Lake Sacajawea with fountain in background

Not only does the city of Longview Washington enjoy the park for everyday enjoyment, the park hosts events year-round including the popular Go 4th event to celebrate Independence Day. Get a close-up view of the fireworks overhead as they are launched from one of the islands right above the bandstand where you’ve enjoyed live music until showtime. During the summertime, this area is also host to weekly free concerts to bring the family to and enjoy.

Another cause for celebration of using this park is that its paths are just close enough to main streets that crime is low for busy parks like this, yet the path is far enough away that the traffic doesn’t bother you.

If this isn’t a good enough reason for you to check out all the real estate and homes for sale in Longview Washington, it should still be a good reason to take a trip there and enjoy a summer day at the park! Honestly, even if you’re not in the market for one of the impressive houses lucky enough to be built across the street from the park, you can still enjoy their neat architecture as one more aspect of the beauty of this park. Enjoy!

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